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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
2) The headliner having an ego. In this case, the only reason these shows are this big, is Metallica, and I would lay wager they said in no uncertain terms that its only happening if they headline and get the biggest timeslot.
What? This is complete BS.
Don't you think this benefits Metallica as much as the other bands?
Sure, the Other "3" play venues they otherwise wouldn't get to play, but it also gets Metallica looking "cool" again, albeit only somewhat, in the eyes of the underground scene.

I really don't think Metallica said, "Anthrax and Megadeth can ONLY have X number of songs in their setlists"

There are MANY other people (promoters, organizers, managers, etc) who work out the logistics which ultimately determine set length times.

To think Metallica themselves had anything to do in declaring the set length times proves you know very little about how putting on a show really works, which is fine. Just have to call this out as completely erroneous.
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