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i left this early to catch Japandroids in downtown NYC. I was nervous about what i'd miss towards the end of Metallica's set, but they basically played nothing interesting or surprising all night except Orion. Pissed I missed Overkill, but it WAS pretty sloppy from what i watched, so whatever. I had hoped Metallica would stick with the heavier setlists like on some of their Big Four shows in Europe this summer, but instead they went the safe route since so many people at this show weren't metalheads. remember, Metallica is the go-to band for millions of people who otherwise hate anything remotely metal. I'm not even gonna think about how many people got into this for free through corporate suites ( did get my ticket through my wife's corparation haha), yankee execs, etc.

I dont understand why Anthrax couldnt get another 20 minutes, or why they couldnt drop ONE of their cover songs for something a little more are from that era, but i get it...this show was all about pleasing the lowest common denominator, not making big metalheads happy. ho hum.
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