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Originally Posted by Thrasher-NY View Post
Security in the streets was heavy, right down to SWAT with machine guns standing on the street corners.
Jesus way to overreact Bloomberg.

They really should stop playing Seek & Destroy because the way they downtune it sounds awful. The key they play it in now makes it sound like it's being played by a piss poor death metal band at a high school talent show.

I understand that Metallica downtunes quite a bit of their stuff, and most of it sounds ok, but that intro riff in that key is just .

James needs to suck it up and sing that song in its studio key, or fake the melody so they can still play in that key (seriously, who the fuck goes to a Metallica show for Hetfield's singing?) or they need to stop playing the fucking thing.
I rate this thread: hidden dildog out of 10.

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