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Originally Posted by RK2THIS View Post
As far as cost of the CD goes, again we don't control that. We just spend thousands upon thousands of dollars out of our own pocket, about 4x the very meager "advance" amount given by the label, to travel to Seattle and record this album. It's a five song EP, that totals nearly 35 minutes of music. That's three bucks a song, sent to your door!! $.42 a minute of the heaviest, greatest sounding stuff we've ever done!!
Of course I'm still going to get it, but I might have to either wait for the vinyl or get the shirt as well for it to be more cost-effective. Either way, you'll be getting my money! I hope you guys can come to the east coast and tour for this in the near future.

Originally Posted by RK2THIS View Post
You obviously just weren't listening to it loud enough. Try again.
This made me laugh much harder than it should have.
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