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Originally Posted by broncoz View Post
Figured SOAPF would be the opener.... pretty mad that they picked all for me to be played live as I think it is the worst of the album, but fear is the weakness makes up for it.

Other than that, SWIM is fucking awesome to see in the set but what in the hell is The Hive still being played for....this has been in just about every set since 2008 is there no other song off whoracle??? Play episode 666 or jotun every once in a while, and nothing off colony but hey thats becoming common place as well. Overall this is one of the worst sets i've seen them play and the fact that it is in Europe other than America is even more surprising since America usually gets screwed over. There is only 1 surprise song in this entire set...
I agree with you. They need to stop playing the hive and focus on more colony and jester race songs!!
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