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Pretty solid set. I'm sure they'll keep all this and add four or five for the North American tour. If I was to have them add one song it would have to be the Watcher, that and As Fire Swept Clean the Earth are probably my favorite two Enslaved songs.

Really anything from Isa or Ruun would be great. I can live without Fusion of Sense and Earth and Isa. As great as those songs are they've played them every time I've seen Enslaved (four times now) and it would be nice to hear something else. Entroper, Lunar Force, Essence, Api-Vat or Violent Dawning would all be great to see. I think I may have even seen them play Violent Dawning once and I know I saw Essence once. When they played Essence opening for Dark Funeral I knew I was seeing once of the best shows of my life, that moment always sticks with me.

But I'll be happy no matter what. Enslaved are great live and if you're on the fence on wether you should see them I STRONGLY encourage it. I wouldn't have seen them four times since early 2007 if they sucked.
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