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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
The T-shirt for the pre-order package isn't available in anything larger than XL?!?

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me.
If you write the label, they'll make it in whatever size you need. The shirts won't be ordered for a bit to figure out demand so they can arrange to have it done. Hit em up. We've had other 2xl and 3xl shirts sitting at for months, collecting dust. See what we have in stock there too and you'll support us directly.

As far as cost of the CD goes, again we don't control that. We just spend thousands upon thousands of dollars out of our own pocket, about 4x the very meager "advance" amount given by the label, to travel to Seattle and record this album. It's a five song EP, that totals nearly 35 minutes of music. That's three bucks a song, sent to your door!! $.42 a minute of the heaviest, greatest sounding stuff we've ever done!!

Figura Serpentinata is one of the most important and greatest songs I've ever written. You obviously just weren't listening to it loud enough. Try again.
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