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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Cool review. I was offered a free ticket to this show and asked my friend why? His response was there will be a ton of hot chicks there. I youtubed them and thought he was crazy. Shania Twain looking chick singing Evanescense? Aren't people over this yet? Looks like I stand corrected. I can't believe the upstairs was open for this show. Or that this band headlines Rams Head while Hatebreed is stuck playing behind All That Remains and 5 Finger Donkey Punch at the same venue.

Something is seriously wrong with the world...
Ok, the Shania line made me laugh. But she is not not singing like Evanescence, more like the other way around. Within Temptation released their first two albums and an EP before Evanescense came out with their first one. This entire genre was popular in Europe before Evanescense made it popular in North America.

The reason there were more people there than Arc Enemy is because Within Temptation has a more appealing sound to them. Also, they're only doing a handful of North American shows, so people probably traveled to see them. I do agree that there is something wrong with Hatebreed opening for ATR and 5FDP.

Originally Posted by Malevolent Mike View Post
No Ice Queen? Bummer. A little heavy on the new album too... although I'm glad to see they're playing Sinead, that's my favorite track off of The Unforgiving.
Ice Queen has been getting played after Fire and Ice at the shows. Maybe the OP just forgot to type it down. I'm not surprised the set is heavy on the new album. Since it's a concept album I expected that. I really like Murder and A Demon's Fate, too bad they aren't doing those. But the rest of the selections off the new one i'm fine with.
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