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Originally Posted by moobys37 View Post
How's the video coming along for that, if at all? Profound Lore would probably be pretty interested in at least the Doggamn vid

Also, while I don't like the new Weedeater all that much, this set's pretty awesome.
"Stone on My Head" and "Doggamn" came out fine (especially for a point & shoot). I still can't get the file for "Dry Body" off the SD card - I think the extremely large file is causing my PC some issues (can't figure whether it's a software thing or a driver thing, or what).

...and for the record, I actually think "Jason...The Dragon" is pretty awesome. I only have a passing familiarity with Weedeater's older stuff, but the latest album makes me want to dig into their earlier stuff even more.
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