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Within Temptation -- Baltimore, MD -- September 12th, 2011

Went to see WITHIN TEMPTATION at RAM's Head Live. THREE supported them. Way more people than I anticipated- they were packing the balconies and the floor- compared to ARCH ENEMY (balconies closed, kind of crowded on the floor) the week before. A lot of young people and females.

I got there in time to get one cheap drink and then THREE came on. I thought this was an odd pairing, as their progressive mix is a little bit not really the same crowd for WITHIN TEMPTATION. I enjoyed them for the most part (minus drum solo zzz), and the crowd was appreciative. I noticed, from the back where I was standing, maybe one other bobbing head during their set and no one else was headbanging or moving much during it. The crowd clapped and cheered a bit, so I guess people liked it too? I could tell a few other people knew them, but for the most part I believe the crowd was rather un familiar with them (not to mention having a generic name as 'Three'... trying googling some lyrics sometime..)

As they went off, I went to the floor to get close. I found what looked like one of the only other metal people there and he discussed moshing and how he wanted to start a pit. At this show lolz (more on that later). It got really louder, but I couldn't tell if more people arrived or not (assuming yes).

Around 9:30 WITHIN TEMPTATION came on, after some video intro that was poorly planned out. The backdrop with their Phoenix/Batman logo was obscuring much of it, unfortunately. The crowd got LOUD immediately and Sharon and co. came out sounding great. And much Heavier than I expected (which is a good thing). Sharon's voice sounded great and the band looked like they were having fun (keyboard guy looked very serious tho).

During some part of 'Faster,' the other metal dude started a small pit (re: three people if you count my lackadaisical participation). The crowd predictably moved and then we had some more room to headbang and the like. I didn't understand the crowd, as the vast majority was not really moving (to me a sign of enjoying the music, but not always). Some jumping and a LOT of clapping, but the enthusiasm during songs seemed lacking IMO. The cheers/applause/appreciation was readily apparent, make no mistake about that.

There was a HUGE reaction for 'What Have You Done...' despite them using a backing track for the dude. That was an odd choice. Like one of the dudes in the band could not sing that? I didn't like this song, but like everyone else in the crowd went...ape.

At some parts near the end when Sharon spoke she sounded like she was losing her voice. The one bald guitarist (well ok there were like 3 guys in that band that are bald) who seemed like the rhythm guitarist said they'd be back again in a year or by the end of the year.

Great show IMO, the sound was great, and the crowd was good (but could have been more energetic!).

Mech wise- there was a logo t-shirt and bandanna (same as the backdrop), album cover shirt (newest), expensive hoodie and jersey. Nothing really amazing IMO, but there was a long ass line when I got there. THREE had some shirts (nothing really amazing IMO), and some $20 CDs...

Three setlist
  • Alien angel
  • ?
  • Battle cry
  • All that Remians
  • Sparrow (new song from forthcoming record)
  • The End is begun
  • Acoustic solo
  • Drum solo (piss break zzzzzz)
  • Jam session

Within Temptation setlist
  • Intro
  • Shot in the Dark
  • In the Middle of the Night
  • Faster
  • Fire and Ice
  • Ice Queen
  • Iron
  • Churchhill speech intro
  • Our Solemn Hour
  • Stand My Ground
  • intro/video
  • Sinead
  • What Have You Done (W/ Backing Track wtf)
  • Howling
  • Angels
  • Memories
  • --encore break
  • Deceiver of Fools
  • Mother Earth
  • --encore break
  • Stairway to the Skies

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