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Oh Jesus, I'm getting brought up again over a shitty rap group I didn't know about AGAIN?

One more, time. I asked who they were, I said I didn't know who they were, I made a failed joke about getting laid instead of listening to them. I then said it's because I don't check out most rap.

Apparently that makes me an elitist and "Trve" now. Jesus fuck guys, seriously?

It's a fucking Metal board. Yes I don't only listen to Metal. I listen to lots of other genres as well. I'm sorry that New Hipster Rap isn't one of them. Yeah I checked them out after the discussion died down. They are...ok. Not something I'd sit down and listen a full album of, but it's alright. Nothing worth bitching about how I didn't know about them. It's not like I've been missing out on the reincarnation of Sabbath, Eminem, or Madonna. They are a mediocre, hipster rap group.

Get the fuck over yourself!

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