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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Odd Future is not a massive mainstream act. They certainly aren't massive mainstream if their most recent album was from last year and it doesn't have any hits. One of their members has a solo album out. So what? Not everyone would get the urge to see what else he is involved with. Rap is largely a solo endeavor, so most people would assume he was a solo act. Hell most people didn't even know about D12 until Eminem had two monster selling albums out. In fact, the rap group is kind of dead even in the mainstream. I mean shit the last hip hop group I can even remember in the mainstream is Neptunes.
What does the year of the last albums release have anything to do with them being hugely popular?
I don't know very much about Odd Future, but everything I've been told/read has indicated they are a collective group with all the solo artists work falling into the OFWGTKA banner. I just wikipedia'd Odd Future and it even says they perform Tyler The Creator material live. If winning the MTV music awards, getting your #1 in two categories on the charts and in the top 5 on the Billboard 200 is not massively mainstream I have no idea what is.
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