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Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
And people were getting mad because people hadn't heard of OFWGKTA?

This right here completely proves mine and MPF's point from yesterday. Thank you, Wizzbang. Thank you.
Since when do I give a fuck about the current hardrock/heavy metal scene?
OFWGKTA has appeared on just about every form of media in the public eye in the last few months, and at least in the area I live most non metalhead/punk people could at least tell you a few of their songs. I'm sure I've seen references to the name Fozzy, but how I would know they had an ex-wrestler in them without traveling in the circles of that genre of music is beyond me. You'd have to be pretty goddamn removed from 'normal' people to have not heard of a massive mainstream act like Odd Future, whereas there is no reason I would have known about Fozzy unless I read threads about that style of music and talked to people into it, which I really don't.
Not to mention the fact that what I think Brad and others were so annoyed over was the embracing of ignorance and the trveness of MPF's attitude. I don't have any opinion on the fact that I havent heard of some heavy metal band, I don't care. Knowledge is cool, now I know Chris Jericho sings in a band I will probably never bother to listen too. Life goes on.
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