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Originally Posted by CapnAwesome View Post
Nice set

and yeah, we whooped Steeler ass today
Yeah that was one of most fun times I've ever had watching sports. I would equate it to playing Madden and dropping the computer skill to zero and murdering them. It was exactly like that.

The openers were Egypt Central, Pop Evil and Hinder. For the record Hinder are the most annoying, cliche' band ever created. I honestly pictured myself drop kicking the drummer in the head several times. With his 2 fans blowing his nappy hair all over the place he really is a cartoon. The scarf wearing Buckcherry looking singer, the guyliner spiked hair bassist... I could go on and on about those idiots but it's my own fault I had to suffer through them.

It could have been Egypt Central/mingle with Cheerleaders/ Skeletonwitch/Devildriver/run into a shitton of friends / Chevelle then party with Chevelle/EC and PE at Hustler Club afterwards. My bad. I did have fun watching the 90's tribute at Angel's Rock Bar after the show. They did STP, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Bush and that kinda stuff. Definitely a fun scene up there.
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