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Despise You -- Brooklyn, NY -- September 11th, 2011

Holy fuck. What a fucking amazing show. Especially for a grind/powerviolence show in NYC, which usually doesn't draw a huge or crazy crowd, this show was a fucking riot. Definitely one of the top 3 shows I've been to, and the best grind show I've been to. This took place at a DIY venue called Shea Stadium, one of those places that you would never know existed if you passed by it. Sound was amazing, crowd was perfect, vibe was perfect. Could not have asked for a better experience. Pics available here, including one of RJ from Magrudergrind sliding his guitar across my face, WHICH WAS FUCKING AWESOME:

The full lineup was Despise You, Magrudergrind, Backslider, The Communion, and Defeatist

Set lists as follows:

Despise You

Passive Position
I End Me
No More Feelings
Encontraran Otro You
Pig Mindset
Euphoric Confusion
You Can't Fix Me, Don't Trip
Culpa Mia
Bankrupt Social Code
Career Overview
If We Could Switch
Roll Call
I Don't Care About You (Fear Cover)
Blindside Assault
Mental Winter
And Expectations/Cedar Avenue/Been Lead
Painted Gray
Busted Outlook
All the Regimes You Hold Most Dear
My West Side Horizon
Guilty View
Shit Trait
Caring Less
Seen the Lines
Hand Me Down Existencia


(Death Threat Cover, didn't recognize the song)


Lyrical Ammunition for Scene Warfare
Rise and Fall of Empires Past
Emo Holocaust
Protocols of Anti-Sound
Pulverizing Hate Mongers
I'm Fucking Done
Conditioned Minds
Doom ? (couldn't read this one off of the list, maybe Bride Burner)
Heaviest Bombing
Zero Substance
Layer of Waste
Nazzy, Jazzy ? (again, couldn't read. Maybe Grind/Jazz Fusion without the clean part?)

Do not miss this show if it's near you.
9/5-Altar of Plagues
9/25-St. Vitus
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