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Originally Posted by vegantopher View Post
What the hell are you talking about? Honkys love the shit out of PBR. Honkys are the second biggest crowd to buy it

I had a Steel Reserve earlier tonight. I don't buy it too often cause the taste makes me kind of nauseous after drinking too much of it. Maybe its cause I've had it warm too many times I had Earthquake High Gravity and that shit was terrible!! It tasted like wine mixed with lager. I wanted to puke after every sip but I manned my way through it.
Sound like you are as strong as I am

My old guitarist of shattered (Now bassist of the world famous American Gothic. hahaha) would drink a full 6 pack of High gravity to himself.

He would always buy me one for practice and I had to fight all my animal instincts to be able drink it all. It poison mixed with Alcohol mixed with that chemical that makes you involuntary throw up.

I hate drinking cheap beer in the first place. The lowest I'll go voluntarily is Keystone Light, but anything lower then that, all you want is to get fucked up no matter what you drink.
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