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Chevelle -- Baltimore, MD -- September 8th, 2011

This was the free show for the Ravens Kickoff Party. I didn't mind Egypt Central but the other openers sucked donkey dongs. EC actually re-recorded Kick Ass as Kick-Off for the intro to Ravens games so they get props for that also. We parked in the Rams Head parking lot and had I known Skeletonwitch & Devildriver were playing Rams Head I would have watched them then Chevelle while still having a chance to mingle with the Cheerleaders and local celebrities. Overall it was a great time even though it rained it's ass off but next time I'll plan it out better and get the most metal for my buck. Also this is by far the hottest group of cheerleaders the Ravens has ever had so that was another positive. I love that they do this every year. Being able to watch football and hear good music at the same time is so damn cool. Source: setlist fm since I was too drunk to remember everything they played. hahaha

1. Sleep Apnea
2. Jars
3. Antisaint
4. Letter From a Thief
5. Get Some
6. Well Enough Alone
7. Face to the Floor
8. Family System
9. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
10. Send the Pain Below
11. An Evening With El Diablo
12. Comfortable Liar
13. The Red
14. Still Running
15. The Clincher


16. I Get It

Almost the perfect Chevelle setlist. I've seen these guys 4 or 5 times and this is by far the best setlist they've played. They sounded great considering it was an outside show between buildings and had the crowd going nuts.
1//17 - LOG & Anthrax
3/5 - Slayer & Testament
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