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Neurosis -- Portland, OR -- September 10th, 2011

1. Kosmos
2. The Illusion Of Motion

1. Locust Star
2. Given To The Rising
3. End Of The Harvest
4. Season In The Sky
5. At The Well
6. Water Is Not Enough
7. Belief
8. At The End Of The Road
9. Killing Elk
10. Through Silver And Blood

Took amtrak down from Seattle to catch this show. It was worth every penny...

Akimbo opened, they weren't bad at all. They're from Seattle so that was a plus. No complaints here.

Yob played next and man were they awesome. The crowd loved them and they definitely earned a new fan. Slow heavy crushing doom riffs.

Grails were up next. I've been wanting to see them for a while after just delving into the post-rock genre last year. The soundmix wasn't that great from my perspective being near the left front of the stage. Regardless they were spectacular and I hope to see them again.

I saw Neurosis last year when Wolves In The Throne Room opened back in Seattle. That was probably my favorite show of all time, thus making this my second favorite show of all time. Neurosis always brings their own personal sound engineer with them so you always expect to get the best out of what the venue can provide. For the first time ever that I know of, Scott Kelly talked to the audience. Only instead he was pissed off and told this guy who was throwing shit to stop or get the fuck out. Overall Neurosis destroyed yet again and have the most energy of any live band I've ever seen. I'm sure they'll play Seattle sometime soon as they always do.

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