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New Tsjuder Album: Legion Helvete

I haven't seen any posts about this here.

Norwegian black metal band Tsjuder will be releasing a new album on October 14th on Season of Mist. The band reunited last year and this will be their first album since 2004's Desert Northern Hell. I'm very much looking forward to this! However, the artwork is unlike their previous ones. I hope it's not a sign that they're moving toward a more modern sound.

Track list:

1. The Daemon Throne
2. Fra en Råtten Kiste
3. Dauðir
4. Voldsherskeren
5. Slakt
6. Black Shadows of Hell
7. Blod og Aske
8. Vårt Helvete
9.1 Deiphago / Volahn
10.9 Pseudogod
10.14 Bölzer
10.18 Archgoat
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