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Ok, really good stuff man. I'm diggin' Asphyxiate. A couple things:
  • Some of the riffs seem a little sloppy and not in time. If the band was a tighter and more in rythm, it would be great.
  • The clean vocals really aren't working. Out of tune. Very... ouch. Hurts me. DO NOT WANT.
  • I understand you're going for the prog route, but sometimes I wish there was more of a chorus to write around, or at least some more notable riffs to act as a chorus. Perhaps.

But other than that... great. I really like the screams. The riffs for the most part are awesome. Reminds me a lot of Scale the Summit with the progginess. The bass fits well most times over the music, and it flows together well. Lots of promise, man! Just make sure the band is much tighter and in time together, and you have something going there. The instrumentation is great. Very Russian Circles-esque at times, too. I think you wanna keep your screams going the Neurosis-style route you're flirting with. Keep up the work; I approve!

EDIT: Riff at 5:20 in Introduction =
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