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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Nah, those things I mentioned haven't been a problem so far in Mass Effect. It's been fairly easy so far on Normal difficulty. I just need to get the hang of managing my squad and I'll be good. Oh, that's my one complaint so far: giving orders in battle is a very hit-and-miss proposition. The squad AI isn't great. I wish it were a bit more intuitive, like in the Rainbow Six: Vegas games.
On the topic of squad AI, so far it's been pretty good for me. There have only been two or three battles where my squad has disappeared on me and hung me out to dry. If anything, this game has been the opposite of most games I've played with squads. Especially later in the game but my teammates are taking care of every enemy before I can get two shots off. Granted I tend to use my sniper rifle most often, but an enemy can just appear on the battlefield and just as I'm getting them in my sites (which doesn't take too long) one of my squadmates, especially Katsumi, takes them out.

I wish Star Wars: Battlefront had AI like that. I can't remember how many battles I had come down to the wire then when I see the stats at the end I see that the other 20 guys in my squad took care of 5-15% of the enemies.
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