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Was a very good show, and am certainly glad I went. My only regret is buying a ticket in advance, as my buddy met me at the door w/ an all access pass . Coulda saved myself a few bucks. Also, the metal broads at this show were impressive. Some definate hotties.

Gigan wasn't bad. I checked them out the day before, and didn't really care for 'em. But when I got there my buddy says, "Dude you gotta film Gigan." I guess they wanted us to film them. I will say they were better live than on their albums, and their very talented musicians.

Gigan - Mountains Perched Like Beasts Awaiting The Attack

I don't mind Pathology, so I filmed them. They weren't bad. Their guest singer was the guy from Insidious Decrepancy. Even though he's one dimensional, I give him credit, he's damn good. During the sound check he was ripping out these incredibly gutteral growls with ease. I was impressed.

NEW SONG - Ingestion of Creation

Blood Red Throne was solid. Met their lead singer, was quiet, but seemed nice. My only complaint about their sound was the vocals. They weren't quite as brutal as he gets on the albums. Also, their lighting was great to start, then they kept asking for the lights to be dimmed. Stage got pretty dark, so much of the video is very dimly lit.

Blood Red Throne
Deranged Assassin

The mighty Grave!! They were very good all around. Vocals, instruments, stage presence, everything. I just wish they had a longer set. A 14 song headliner equalling 65ish minutes doesn't cut it for me. I will upload some more vids from these guys in the upcoming days.

In Love
Into The Grave

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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