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Well, there's not much to say that hasn't already been said - Moobys nailed it. As it was for him, this show was also a last-minute thing for me as well. I had only heard about it in the first place about three days prior, and as soon as I did, the disappointment that I probably wouldn't be able to make it set in almost immediately after hearing the news of this show. However, the planets somehow aligned, and not only did I end up at this gig, but there was someone there I knew in the crowd of maybe two dozen folks or so...and he had traveled around 150 miles to get there. Obviously, fate was working in mysterious ways last night.

Anyways, I'm fairly certain that Moobys knows the set list and is just being nice and letting me post it, but here it is nevertheless:

Man's Gin
Smiling Dogs
Nuclear Ambition, Parts 1 & 2
Stone on My Head
Doggamn (w/ Bruce Lamont)
Dry Body

As has been mentioned, we all got a chance to chat with Erik and Bruce, and both were very gracious and even enthusiastic about shooting the shit with us. In addition to the news Moobys mentioned, Erik also said that he'd like to do some more touring in the near future, and he was talking about the mighty Cobalt when he said this. Obviously, the plans have not been made yet, but he did say that due to Phil's work schedule with the army, a proper tour would probably be out of the question, but they were looking more along the lines of jumping onto an event which was already happening, such as a festival. I'm not going to name any names, because as I said, the plans haven't been made yet, but let's just say that both of the festivals he mentioned are ones which I have attended in the last few years, and there were multiple members of this forum present at both of them. Oh, and they both generally occur in the Spring.

So yeah, this turned out to be one of the most unique and interesting gigs on my list of shows attended. Now That's Class is a seedy little dive bar that caters to vegans and skaters (they even have a makeshift indoor half-pipe that is used on "skate nights"), which is located a stone's throw from the Cleveland suburb where I grew up, and so far, both shows I have seen there have turned out to be amazing (the other was Mouth of the Architect last year). Very fucking nice.

Oh yeah, and did Moobys and I mention that we heard a Cobalt song being played live? Eat your hearts out, motherfuckers!
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