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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
With their music the way it is, i'm sure switching the set up majorly every single night has to be quite a chore.
Probably, but when you're a band who have made their name based on being outstanding musicians, that's not much of an excuse.

Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
I mean, 99% of other bands use the same setlist for every show during a single touring leg.
And they're all wrong for doing it too. Majority doesn't equal correct.

Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
And to the comment about fans wanting to be surprised about what's going to be played, there's a really simple solution for that: Don't look up setlists on the internet before your show.
It's not just a case of not looking up the setlist. A lot of bands' setlist can predicted WITHOUT looking up the setlist of a specific tour, and that not happening is something DT fans have long valued. As I said above, I don't think they'll slip into the playing-the-same-hits-every-year trap, but nevertheless, the changing setlists was a dimension of a DT show that set them apart from other bands. They're just stripping away another piece of what has made Dream Theater Dream Theater.

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