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They should probably do a metallica system:

- 6 predictable/popular songs that get played in each set
- Choose 7 out of 12 songs that get rotated to give an element of surprise
- 2 out 5 covers to play lol

In that way, DT are catering for the people that want to hear the 'hits', They play a few rotated surprises, the drummer doesnt have to learn every song, some DT fans will remain happy. BTW i know the set will have to be 3 hours due to the length of the songs!

Or to solve it all, bring back Mike!

I can see the band doing this tour and then going on haitius, they will hate doing the same songs over and over....i see it as a waste of talent - or they could be getting on a bit and wanting to chill out a bit more now.
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