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10. Painkiller - Judas Priest

Well what can I say about this album... I guess since this is considered a album that got me into metal, I'll start with the story behind it.
Well right as I was getting into metal I asked a few kids I knew on the internets about metal and what to start out with. Apparently one of the kids I asked is one of the biggest Judas Priest fans. He immediately recommended his favorite album, Painkiller. So of course I went to the store and picked it up. I got home and put it in and began to play it.
All of a sudden Painkiller kicked in and I was a beginner drummer at the time and the best way I could explain my reaction is this

At the time I just couldn't believe my ears, something so old to me was just so fast and so awesome. Then the guitars and vocals just kicked in and I just knew I was in love. I mean Halford has become one of my favorite metal vocalists of all time and this album sure as hell displays the power of his voice. Downing and Tipton just fucking SHRED throughout this whole album as well. Honestly I just can't see why someone couldn't like this album. Everything about is awesome, the vocals, the drums, the guitar. They all work together to make an album that to me, defines metal.
So in the end, this album showed me what metal was all about, it also really opened my eyes to the fact that high pitched vocals could be metal as fuck as well. Just at the point of my life I never heard something that shredded and ripped as hard as this album did. This album and Judas Priest will always have a place in my metal heart.

Stand-Out Tracks(Though the whole album kicks ass):
Metal Meltdown
All Guns Blazing
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