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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Try learning 6 HOURS of Dream Theater Prog Metal for one tour on any instrument.

That's why they are going back to a static catalog. How much hate does Rush get for doing static setlists? They are playing very hard music for 3 hours. It's very understandable.
I can totally understand Mangini not being up to speed yet. But he is an amazing drummer. I am certain he's capable of learning a set and half of material so they can swap a few songs around each night. Especially since they stopped playing three hour shows anyway.

Unless they're going back to three-hour shows. In which case, he can probably be let off for another tour. It's not the easiest stuff to learn at all. I would still expect them to eventually get up to the point where they can do it again though.

The way Jordan puts it, the excuses suck. If he'd just said "for the next tour or two we won't be changing the setlists because Mike is still new" then fine. But he didn't. He gave bullshit excuses and basically said "none of us want to bother rehearsing that much stuff".

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