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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Well, duh? I thought the recent European sets made that clear.

Plus, I read an interview with Lebrie a few months ago where he mentioned that they were doing that. It was cool that they did switch it up every night but honestly this will be better for Lebrie's voice. He'll sound a lot better live because they're doing the same songs for a whole tour.

There's always a chance that some songs will sound a bit off if they're only played once in awhile. Overall this will be better for their live sound. When was the last time you heard Rush or Megadeth sound off at all musically live? I never have before, so there are positives to doing this.
No. The European tour was the way it was because of Mangini.

They actually said they would be going back to their old format after that. This is a complete change of mind.

And there's no excuse for it either. Look at bands like The Black Crowes and Gov't Mule. Every night their set is completey different, and they never sound unprepared or unprofessional. There's actually no excuse for ANY band with a substantial back catalogue not to change their setlists up.

And are you implying that Megadeth aren't hit-and-miss when they play live? They never change their setlist and they still have nights where they suck.

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