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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post

We've lost Recchi (which is a good thing) and Rider (in his case maybe we'll miss his clutch playoff scoring goals) . But hopefully the young Caron will make the rooster and fill in for his offensive production. Seguin will have more icetime so he should improve from last year. The rest of the team is the same with the exception of Kaberly who has not been re-signed. In fact I think he is still unsigned, anyway not a big lost in his case.

Hopefully Horton will be 100% at the begining of the season but if not he should wait to be 110% and not comeback too soon like Savard did and because of that his career is over.

Things are still looking good for my B's

Cheers !

Kaberle was signed by the Hurricanes. I don't think you'll miss him.
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