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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Well, duh? I thought the recent European sets made that clear.

Plus, I read an interview with Lebrie a few months ago where he mentioned that they were doing that. It was cool that they did switch it up every night but honestly this will be better for Lebrie's voice. He'll sound a lot better live because they're doing the same songs for a whole tour.

There's always a chance that some songs will sound a bit off if they're only played once in awhile. Overall this will be better for their live sound. When was the last time you heard Rush or Megadeth sound off at all musically live? I never have before, so there are positives to doing this.
I think a big part of this is the fact DT have gotten rid of the evening with format, which, due to how long their songs are, and the fact they feel the need to solo and jam every night, means very few songs actually get played by them compared to other bands. I think doing this in an Evening format would be perfect, as everyone's getting a good long show where almost everyone of the bands fans and favorite records will get represented. Playing only 90 minutes with the same setlist every night like what DT are doing now is really selling a lot of peoples favorites, and even some of the bands 'essential' material will get the shaft because of their song length and style of show.
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