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Beheading of a King -- Montreal, Quebec -- September 2nd, 2011

Venue: Foufounes Électriques
Other bands playing: Heavyweight Division, Today I Caught the Plague, A Sight for Sewn Eyes and Fall in Archaea

They're not really my kind of music, but it was a free show, so I went and they gave a good show. TICTP were good too, but the sound mix was awful.

Beheading of a King

State (intro)
Reclaim this Gold
Leader of the Suburbs
Bible Crumbles
Quasar (with Alex from Despised Icon)


Off with Their Heads
Rot in Peace
12/18 - Neutral Milk Hotel
12/19 - GY!BE/Neurosis
12/25 - Tribunal (my band)
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