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Yep, parking lot, same place as gayhem had theirs. And they went on at 4:45.

VA isn't really recovering from the hurricane anymore.... We're pretty much all set. Unless there are places way outta the area that are still recovering. But around here, we're fine.

Ya, this whole lineup was destined to fail. Most of the main bands draw from the same fanbase, and they're all club bands. Escape the Fate has a bit of a different crowd, but it still kinda fits, and they are barely a draw anyways. And the sidestage was really no benefit to them. The only band on there that draws people at all is Sevendust, the rest are just replaceable openers. This tour would've been much off dropping the sidestage and Escape the Fate, and just having Sevendust be on the main stage, and do it in arenas.
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