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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
This has been my biggest pet peeve with concerts for many years now. Trust me, as you get older and the more shows you go to it just infuriates you more and more when you see it. I'll never understand why people will pay top dollar for a band that they don't know much from. If i'm gonna get top priced tickets for an amphitheater show it would be for a band that I at least know three quaters of their material. Otherwise I just don't see the point. A lot of the time tickets up close are purchased and given away by local radio stations, which doesn't help either. So even if you're up in front you're not always gonna be with the educated fans.

I remember when I saw Rush in 2002 and I was in like the tenth row. After they played Vital Signs they guy in the row in front of me turned around and asked me "what song was that?" I didn't say anything for a few seconds because I was stunned by the question. I had never been asked that before or since at a show. I told him the song and the album it was on. I know Vital Signs isn't one of Rush's big hits but it is on their biggest selling album. You would think anyone going to see them would at least have Moving Pictures in their collection.

There's always gonna be people like that at concerts. That's why when I write a review I always make it a point to tell what the crowd was like if they were into everything. Because it's always a breath of fresh air when they are.
Yep. You and Maiden covered it. Those are a lot of my frustrations with the general concert goer. A lot of people just like to go and hang out with their friends and drink beer, or to just say "Hey I was there". I don't drink at concerts, for the simple fact that I would be running to the john and missing parts of the show. And I would be bothering other people. Gee, you know where else you can do that? Your house. A bar. Someplace that isn't as expensive as a concert. Man people are fucking dumb. I understand and I don't expect every person to know every word to all the songs, but don't look like idiots when it's a song you don't know. Enjoy it. It just seems to get worse. Nice review by the way, Maiden. That would have been a good show to see.
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