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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
This has been my biggest pet peeve with concerts for many years now. Trust me, as you get older and the more shows you go to it just infuriates you more and more when you see it. I'll never understand why people will pay top dollar for a band that they don't know much from. If i'm gonna get top priced tickets for an amphitheater show it would be for a band that I at least know three quaters of their material. Otherwise I just don't see the point.

Yeah I mean I feel like kind of a douche when I feel like people are poseurs when someone says they like a band, but they only like 3 of their songs. I mean there is nothing wrong with liking songs that you like or going to a show and enjoying yourself, hell that is what going to a concert is all about! But I don't see how people who know 3 songs enjoy themselves at such a show.

I sure as hell don't know every song by every band I go to see (well ...most of them tho), but wouldn't one's hard earned cash be better spent elsewhere-on a logical level? I really don't know

nice review btw!
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