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that's a good foreigner set. Very predictible in the fact that I know every single song on that set because they're all on the greatest hits album...but if I saw it live I'd enjoy hearing it.

journey set... its missing some hits I'd enjoy seeing but that's ok.

thanks for the review.

I agree with your complaints too. I'd not get front row seats for the fact that I don't know some of that journey set, and I know 2 songs off the night ranger set, and one of them isn't even their song... for that reason I wouldn't see the point of shelling out that kind of money or taking a ticket from someone who knew more.

hell I felt stupid enough when I saw metallica and didn't recognize leper messiah... in my defense I was new to metal, but still pretty embarrassing, and I wasn't even anywhere near the front. Its always pretty embarrassing to not know a song that you feel like you should know, but... that's pretty pothetic for the couple you mentioned for journey.
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