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Journey -- Allentown, PA -- August 31st, 2011

Well last night the Journey + Foreigner/Night Ranger tour rolled through what I basically call my "home town" - Allentown, PA. I have to admit, I was very excited for this, as I consider myself a pretty big Journey fan and I definitely like Foreigner as well. I actually waited in line the day the tickets went on sale in order procure 3rd row seats, which were quite a steal at the mere $52 I paid for them.

We got into the place around 6:15, and Night Ranger hit the stage at around 6:50. The sound was pretty good, they put on a pretty good show. Despite not really being a FAN, I enjoyed them, especially the guitar playing. Journey drummer Deen Castronovo sat in on "Sister Christian", allowing drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy to concentrate fully on singing the song.
Set list:
01 Lay it On Me
02 Sing Me Away
03 High Enough (Damn Yankees cover)
04 When You Close Your Eyes
05 Don't Tell Me You Love Me
06 Sister Christian
07 (You Can Still) Rock In America

Foreigner hit the stage around 8pm, and as with other shows lately, the only original member, guitarist Mick Jones - sat out the show, so in essence this was a Foreigner tribute band, with Night Ranger's Joel Hoekstra on guitar. Vocalist Kelly Hansen absolutely stole the show - what an incredible voice and an incredible live performance. Great frontman and he can absolutely sing his ass off. Anyone crying: "It's not the same without Lou Gramm" can kiss my ass after last night. Overall a really entertaining and well-played set. Very impressive.
01 Double Vision
02 Head Games
03 Cold as Ice
04 Waiting For a Girl Like You
05 Dirty White Boy
06 Feels Like the First Time
07 Urgent
08 I Wanna Know What Love Is
09 Hot Blooded
10 Jukebox Hero

Journey hit the stage around 9:30, and sounded absolutely fantastic. I don't think I spotted a single note that sounded off or out of place in anyone's performance, the band was just completely tight and professional. Was very cool to be so close to Neal Schon who is absolutely one of my favorite guitarists. I'm completely disappointed in the band for such a boring, pedestrian setlist - but for my first time seeing them, I guess it's no big deal - the show was fantastic nonetheless.
01 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
02 Ask the Lonely
03 Send Her My Love
04 City of Hope
05 Faithfully
06 Stone in Love
07 Edge of the Moment
08 Lights
09 Wheel in the Sky
10 Open Arms
11 La Do Da
12 Be Good to Yourself
13 Any Way You Want It
14 Don't Stop Believin'
15 Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Now, onto a few rants... I just wanted to isolate these so it didn't seem like I was complaining about the show itself.
1) Apparently the venue decided it would be a good idea to blow up like 10 gigantic beach balls and throw them into the audience right as Journey came on. TERRIBLE idea. I had to spent the majority of the first song worrying about getting whacked in the head with a gigantic beach ball instead of enjoying the show. Also, this was all fun in games until some asshole knocked one onto the mixing console on the side of the stage, at which point the band's crew yelled at the venue staff to stop it.
2) I wish I had the spare cash people seem to have. It infuriates me that I have to pass on the opportunities to see bands I LOVE and know their entire discography - but apparently the world is filled with tons of people who can afford to drop $85 to see a show and only care about a total of 8 songs between all 3 bands. What is the fucking point of these people? I mean, I know we're talking about bands that appeal to radio-friendly people here, but come on. The Journey set was practically ALL hits, but yet people still looked around dumb-founded during songs like "Ask the Lonely" and "Send Her My Love". Seriously pathetic.
3) Lastly, if you're going to do nothing but spend the entire night running back and forth from the bathroom and the concession stands - do me a favor and stay the fuck home and stop ruining my good time. I seriously had to move to let this one guy and his girlfriend in and out about 9 times through the course of the night.
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