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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Oh yeah, I remember that being talked about now. Always thought it was a horrible idea. Glad they didn't do it.

Jon rates Framing Armageddon above The Crucible of Man, so I can see why he'd want to do that.
Well that is very understandable. The Crucible Of Man had 2-3 good songs on it. Framing Armageddon was fucking incredible.

I would have loved to hear Barlow sing The Glorious Burden since the album was written for his voice.

EDIT for post above*

The story is that Barlow wasn't feeling Iced Earth anymore and wanted to venture out to become a cop. His heart wasn't in the vocals, Both of them agreed on that. so that's why they were scrapped after Barlow's departure. Hence Ripper coming into the fold.

Barlow was in full force during The Crucible Of Man (despite the album) so hearing him on TGB, would have been great in my eyes.
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