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Avenged Sevenfold -- Brighton, England -- November 7th, 2010

this was supposed to be where the stone sour gig was filmed for the upcoming dvd so I was curious what set was played by stone sour.

Stone sour:
1. Mission Statement
2. Reborn
3. Made of scars
4. say you'll haunt me
5. get inside
6. unfinished
7. your god
8. bother
9. Through Glass
10. Digital [Did you Tell]
11. Hell and consequences
12. 30/30-150

Avenged Sevenfold
1. Nightmare
2. Critical Acclaim
3. Welcome to the Family
4. Beast and the Harlot
5. Buried Alive
6. so far away
7. afterlife
8. god hates us
9. Unholy confessions
10. Almost Easy.

I think I remember seeing these sets before back when this tour was going on, but wasn't sure if they were the same whole tour so thought I'd go ahead and post these. My Opinions on them...
Stone Sour, its an ok set... not all the choices I would have made but its by no means a bad set, even for a live dvd.

Avenged Sevenfold: its also not a bad set, the lack of bat country would have pissed me off if I had been there, but still.

so close, no matter how far.

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