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Originally Posted by Christen View Post
Well I was a bit sick at the time so that probably made the weather feel worse. I've always considered Godsmack to be metal, they just have a heavier sound then your average rock band. I gotta agree with you with bad ass arena shows though, it just adds to the experience so much when you're at a bigger venue. I probably would of enjoyed the show more if I wasn't feeling like shit yesterday. Thanks for the set update, though. Also, it's nice to see another person from SK around here.
Yeah I think being sick would make it worse, my manager at work is pregnant and she hasn't been taking the heat well this summer, to say the least

To me they've always just been a hard rock band. They're definitely heavier than your average rock band, but I don't know, "metal" just doesn't really describe them for me. But whatever, musical genres are just labels to define what a band sounds like. They sound like Godsmack to me, no point in getting tied up with specifics I guess.

Originally Posted by Skinny Juice View Post
I really liked Sully's "rant" during Whatever about Youtube and cell phones, too bad that shit's as true as it really is.
Yes! He did the same rant here and I thought it was great, totally agreed with it - though sadly I'm guilty of snapping a few shots with my new iPhone at this show, as I was curious to see how good the camera is in a concert setting, so I guess I shouldn't be talking But generally I dislike seeing a constant wave of cell phones in the air at shows. People really should spend more time experiencing it with their senses, they can watch a band behind a screen any other time in their life, those precious few hours of a concert are the one time you get to see them in the real world.
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