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I've lived in Saskatchewan most of my life and I really don't consider 30 degrees to be "crazy hot" at all. Everytime it gets that hot I hear everybody complain about it but it really doesn't bother me. Sure I wouldn't spend all afternoon exercising in the hot sun or anything like that, but I still FAR prefer it to -30 with snow, ice, and blowing winds... winter SUCKS!

But anyway, that's a bit off topic. I was at this show and I really enjoyed it. Been a Godsmack fan since I saw them open for Metallica in 2004. This was my fourth time seeing them and it was worth the drive from Saskatoon. I only caught the last 3 songs of Red Jumpsuit Appartus and I thought they were terrible, something only teenage girls would probably enjoy. Couldn't wait for them to get off the stage.

The turnout was definitely poor, especially considering the Brandt Center only holds about 7000 people, but it really didn't surprise me. Last time they played in Regina (2007) they played at the Conexus Arts Center, which is much smaller. They're just not a super huge arena band anymore, and I think putting them in a venue like that without another popular band (Metallica, Motley Crue, etc.) doesn't really work.

And yeah the crowd was fairly tame (though I have to disagree about this being a "metal" show, I don't consider Godsmack to really be metal at all), but it wasn't too bad (on the floor, anyway). Everyone around me seemed to be really enjoying themselves, they just weren't the type to go slamming around all the time. Also there were a couple of little kids right on the rail in front of me, Sully handed one of them a drumstick which I thought was really cool (and they got out of there when Sully started telling everyone to go nuts during the end of Whatever, haha)

That setlist is accurate, except they played Forever Shamed in between The Enemy and Straight Out Of Line. Would've liked for them to put in some slightly more obscure songs here and there (as this was more or less just the "greatest hits" from each album), but it was still enjoyable. Good show overall, glad I went, and I hope to see them again. I also hope to see them play with their usual full stage show (lasers, pyro, video screens, etc.) While the toned show was a pretty cool idea, I do sort of have a hard-on for big arena stage shows
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