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Hey, I'm not quite sure of the other setlists, but I can't imagine it's too far off from VoidFlame's montreal review:

And holy shit YOU were those guys up front! That's absolutely awesome that you would trek all the way out here to see this show. If you were the dude with the glasses, props on the haircut (and at trying to persuade me not to see Alestorm ), and if you were the other guy, props on headbanging/windmilling constantly all night! Pretty fucking awesome!

Holy shit, what a concert. Here's my :

It's the last week before going back to college, and my friend and I decided about a week ago to hit up this show for fun despite barely knowing the bands. I was familiar with Windir, but hadn't heard Vreid much, and knew next to nothing about Necronomicon and Kampfar, so I was coming with an open mind. It was my first real black metal show (seeing Abigail Williams and Lightning Swords of Death open for death metal bands doesn't count ), so I was pumped to just chill and experience the atmosphere. I'm way too used to going crazy physically at death metal and other -core shows, so it was good for a change.

Anyway, my buddy knew the kids from Silver Skull from facebook, so we got hooked up with $10 dollar tickets directly from them. Despite having a somewhat shitty name and rather gimmicky look (two kids basically with skulls painted on their faces), they were one of the most solid local bands I've seen in Cleveland! The guitarist/singer couldn't have been older than 15, yet he had a great death metal scream and played some catchy DM riffs, and the drummer who was maybe 12 or 13 at the most was pretty decent at the drums! They definitely have potential to grow into a solid band someday if they can correct their image, get more members, and improve the songwriting. I'll keep an eye on 'em.

The next local band was so unbelievably shitty that we had to take a smoke break. A bunch of high school kids trying to play EXTREMELY average/simple metalcore (with a guitarist who must have been 50 years old ). I mean, you guys know I'm the -core guy here, and I couldn't even sit through one song.

There were about 30 or so people at the venue by the time Necronomicon came on. They were absolutely FANTASTIC. Very solid blackened death, with a pretty cool costume/image to them. I was pretty much headbanging the whole time. My friend immediately bought one of their shirts after seeing them, he loved them so much. Apparently, they haven't toured the US in like, over 10 years or something, which was pretty crazy. Hope I don't have to wait that long to see them again! Reminded me of Behemoth a lot. They would be a perfect opener for the next Behemoth tour 'round here.

Kampfar was next, and I knew next to nothing about them, really, other than they're Norwegian. Ho-lee shit. They were fucking great. My headbanging stepped up a notch for their whole goddamn set, which was AT LEAST 50 minutes, if not a full hour. I could have watched them all night. Dolk, their lead singer, had an absolutely brutal voice that was unrelenting the whole set. He was also running around the stage, getting way into the music, and interacting with the crowd a ton even though there were maybe 50 people at the time. He was also super nice and probably the most appreciative frontman I've ever seen, thanking the crowd between each song. It's the first time they've toured America, and he said even though they've played tons of festivals in Europe with thousands of people this summer, it's incredible for them to come to a little city on the other side of the world and have a bunch of fans that have never seen them go crazy for 'em. They were my highlight of the night. Absolutely amazing.

And, of course, Vreid came on next and played solid. I almost think the crowd was turned down a notch for them than they were for Kampfar, but it was still a great performance. You can tell they were very focused on the music versus interacting with the crowd. Solid black metal performance as well, and a band definitely worth seeing again.

tl;dr, Kampfar was fucking awesome and the concert as a whole was great. I've been blasting Mare by Kampfar all night and today, and am totally in love. Black Metal sounds twice as good live to me than on record, and now officially has my:

Also got to hang out and get pictures with Dolk from Kampfar after the show. Real down to earth guy. Great last concert at Peabody's until this winter!
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