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Kamelot REALLY needs to get more creative and intelligent with their setlists. More than anything else, that's why I sat out this tour. They have absolutely no idea how to select songs and arrange them within their set so that the show actually flows really well. When I saw them in 2008 the show had an almost embarrassing lack of energy/flow to it. Rule the World is a terrible opener, and March of Mephisto is a terrible closer. Furthermore, they just don't play long enough. 13 or 14 songs in a headlining set for a band with their back catalog is just NOT enough.

Would this be SO hard?

‎01 When the Lights are Down
02 Ghost Opera
03 The Great Pandemonium
04 The Edge of Paradise
05 Soul Society
06 Abandoned
07 Hunter's Season
08 Eden Echo
09 Forever
10 Lost and Damned
11 Once Upon a Time
12 The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)
13 Elizabeth
14 The Fourth Legacy
15 Farewell
16 March of Mephisto
17 Karma
18 Center of the Universe
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