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Originally Posted by vegantopher View Post
Uhh why? And what holiday is today?
A pointless one. But I don't argue with a day off work

Because when you run late in London, people can't get home. Basic principle for all music in London is concerts finish at 11pm, clubs start at 11:30pm and run until 3ish. The people who go to clubs know they are in for a late finish, and go there for that reason, people who go to concerts do not.

Transport stops running at around midnight on a normal day, but it's massively disrupted most Sundays and certainly every national holiday. My journey, as an example, took two hours each way for this show. It should take one hour. But I don't mind how long it takes, just so long a the venue plays the game and getting the transport is actually possible.

And the only people who drive to concerts in London are the band, and people who have come from somewhere where there isn't a train service, or somewhere far enough away that they're going to have to stay in a hotel anyway.

If this had been a normal weekday or a Saturday, then it would have been fine. Not ideal, and certainly unusual, but workable. But not on a holiday because the travel situation doesn't allow that and the venue should know that.

Plus, the doors opened at 7pm. There's no real excuse for Helstar not coming on until 10:20pm.

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