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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
She is seen as something "new", which just isn't true.

Tell me how she's not a copy of Grace Jones, Madonna & Christina. Grace Jones her costumes looked "weird" 25-30 years ago too, Madonna "shocked" with "like a virgin" (and her obscene behaviour), Christina's hair looked like Gaga's ten years ago.

Hell, Jones is 63 and her body looks better than Gaga's.

Tell me what's so "amazing" about her voice.

Tell me why everyone should like this annoying hype, that will die soon.
I don't listen to them because honestly I don't follow pop. I just know Gaga because a friend of mine told me to try out the new album. Although I would have agreed with you beforehand, now I just think she gets a ton of crap. Who cares if she's unoriginal? Who cares if she looks ugly? The point is that people enjoy the music for what it is and don't care about the superficial things about, which is honestly how I think the music business should be.

Of course however there are the people who follow her because the persona and for that I have no response.
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