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Fucked Up -- Moscow, Russia -- August 23rd, 2011

Queen Of Hearts
David Comes to Life
Looking for God
Black Albino Bones
The Recursive Girl
I Was There
I Hate Summer
The Other Shoe
Twice Born
A Little Death

Common People (Pulp)
Baiting the Public
Son the Father

After missing Fucked Up's 21 and over show at San Francisco's Independent, I was hella pissed. Especially since I had just got into FU's new album (David Comes to Life) and was crazy excited about hearing some songs from it live. Around two weeks later, Damian posted a tour update on his Livejournal with some new dates - one of which was a show in Moscow with the nifty price tag of 5 Euros.

Me and my friend (who mostly listens to core but likes to mosh it up) arrived at the venue (a pub where most of the bands that perform are local) an hour before doors (half past 8) and wandered aimlessly around the neighborhood, from terrorizing children at the playground to trolling some Muse fans we saw hanging out at a deli. The crowd hanging around the venue before the show was a little peculiar - I saw some moshbros with Terror shirts, some guys smoking pot with Down/Bathory shirts, and some chick with her Morrissey-lookalike boyfriend (obviously hipsters). I myself was wearing an Exhumed t-shirt and my friend was wearing a Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt so I shouldn't be talking.

Hanging around inside before they began letting people in, I noticed Damian in the room and chatted with him for around 20 minutes. One of the nicest people/musicians I've ever met, he also mentioned something about playing David Comes To Life in full on a US tour this winter if Madeline (from Cults) was available. I also said hello from Brad, and Damian thought that was pretty lulzy.

A weird Russian indie cover-band opened up the show, covering bands like Suede, Oasis, and The Doors. Some of the audience trolled them hard, yelling "Fuck off and bring Fucked Up!" and some guy in the front row who looked just like Serj Tankian (of System of a Down) mimicked the singer to the point that he had him ejected from the venue.

Fucked Up started around 9:30-10:00, and were fucking brilliant. As soon as the first notes of Queen of Hearts started, the room just turned into a whirpool of madness. If somebody managed to stand the whole show through without being thrown around the room at least once, they deserve a medal. Crazier than TDEP, Fucked Up ripped Moscow a new asshole. I spent the whole show sitting/standing near Sandy (bass guitar) since I would've been crushed to death standing in the front row.

After the gig was over, Damian came down from the stage and started hugging everyone. He hugged me last, and told me to make sure to say hi next time I saw them, "whether it be here, California, or the fucking Caribbean."
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