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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
I should mention that Klear got 45 minutes and Anvil got 45 minutes. Why give a band who nobody has heard of the same time as the mighty Anvil?
That's because nobody has heard of Anvil outside of Canada before the documentary came out. That's not me being a wise ass, it's a fact. Even the guys in the band have admited that. I'm not sure why Anvil fans think they're some kind of metal royalty who deserve some kind of respect when they write below average metal and the only reason the bulk of the metal world is aware of them is because of the movie. Bottom line, they went unoticed for so long because they're just not very good and the only reason they got this slot opening for Cooper is because of their movie. Somebody's gotta tell it like it is when it comes to this band.

The real story is how great Cooper was. It doesn't matter who opened because Cooper's show will have you instantly forget who the opening acts even were. This was the show of the year for me without a doubt. When I see Priest in November it might come close but i'm such a big Cooper fan I don't think that will happen.

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