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I agree with most things you said. It was my fourth time seeing Alice as well and he really delivered. I had a feeling the setlist would be exactly the same as last time I saw him, but when I heard "Hey Stoopid" I was so happy. I've always loved that song and it worked so well live. It was definitely the highlight for me.

The only thing I disagree with was your assessment of Anvil I love Anvil! This was my third time seeing them (all of them since May) and it was good. Much like Alice, Anvil was a complete replica of last time I saw them, but I still enjoyed it.


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Edit: I should mention that Klear got 45 minutes and Anvil got 45 minutes. Why give a band who nobody has heard of the same time as the mighty Anvil? It definitely should have been 30 minutes and an hour sets.
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