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holy crap what a show. waited on line through all of Krallice, but heard them pretty damn well from outside...sounded real good.

Touche Amore was so much fun like everyone said. I think they were a bit taken aback by having such a long setlist and the show atmosphere being so relaxed. none of the bands had to rush through anything. Obviously the best parts of a Touche Amore set are when the music cuts out and everyone is singing along LOUD. awesome.

Converge destroyed as usual. I forget how terrifying they can be in a live setting. Their shows are just so chaotic, angry and heavy. The setlist had no surprises or any real old songs, so that's a negative. Hopefully we'll get more of that material on future tours..and i dont just mean The Saddest Day!

House of Vans is a great venue. yes we're being marketed to the entire time, but the space is real big, great outdoor area, and how can u complain about free beer and water at a free show?
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