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The Damned Things -- New York, NY -- August 26th, 2011

I originally had no plans of attending this show but my friend invited me last night and I figured it would be good to go to another show before school starts and I've been getting into Fair To Midland lately so I wound up going to this show on short notice. I met up with the people I planned to go with in the city and we took a cab to the venue. At the venue we just chilled by merch for most of the time because the support was just a couple local bands. We were really hoping to see Scott Ian but he never showed up. We got to talk to some of the guys from FTM and eventually Rob Caggiano walked out and talked to us. Rob was cool, he signed my ticket and my friends copy of We've Come For You All. We finally went up to the stage when FTM was coming on and they put on a great show.

Fair To Midland:
Whiskey and Ritalin
Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes
Golden Parachutes
A Seafarers Knot
Amarillo Sleeps on my Pillow
Musical Chairs
Dance of the Manatee

There was another opening band I didn't care to see after FTM so we went back down to merch. No one we didn't already see came out so we just hung out and talked til the band was off. About 25 minutes before they went on I went up and grabbed a good spot for The Damned Things. They put on a great show despite only having 1 hour of material to play. The one problem was that there was tons of douche bags at this show. These were the kinds of douche bags you can tell don't give a shit about any of the bands playing and that they just want to get drunk and go in pits. To go along with the douche bags were plentiful amounts of drunk chicks who poured drinks on me and clawed at my back during the set. Even with all the douchebaggery I still had a good time. After the last song Rob threw some picks into the crowd and a douche bag elbowed me in the face and threw me on top of my friend (who was already on the floor) just to get a pick. I managed to get one off the floor where said douche bag threw me.

The Damned Things:
Handbook for the Recently Diseased
Black Heart
Little Darling
A Great Reckoning
Bad Blood
Fazer (Quicksand cover)
The Blues Havin' Blues
Friday Night (Going Down in Flames)
We've Got a Situation Here

After the show we tried one more to meet Scott Ian but we had no luck. A security guy told us that Scott left the building once they were done performing. Luckily I got to meet the singer of Fair To Midland. I told him he played great and he gave me a hug . In one final attempt to Find Scott Ian we looked for the tour bus but we gave of after walking in a complete circle. All in all it was a good night.
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