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Kamelot -- Atlanta, GA -- August 26th, 2011

1. Rule the World
2. Ghost Opera
3. The Great Pandemonium
4. The Human Stain
5. Center of the Universe
6. Abandoned
7. When the Lights are Down
8. Soul Society
9. EdenEcho
10. Hunter's Season
11. Necropolis
12. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)
13. Forever
14. Karma
15. March of Mephisto


I wasn't going to look at the set for tonight and be surprised on Wednesday, but curiosity got the best of me. My biggest complaint is that I really, really wanted Descent of the Archangel, which is one of my favorites, and they've been playing it pretty often. Nights of Arabia as well, but I think they stopped playing that a couple months back? On the other hand, if any song were to replace it, I'm glad that it's Abandoned, which is another one of my favorites.

I could do without EdenEcho, Necropolis, or Ghost Opera, but for my first time seeing Kamelot this will do, especially since, last I heard, Simone was even joining them for the US tour to do The Haunting with them. I'll ignore the lack of a couple favorites if it means seeing Simone join them for The Haunting.
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